National Dog Day with Autotrader

*This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Autotrader; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

Rescue dogs have been a big part of our lives for the past four years. Since first laying my eyes on Bear’s online adoption page, I knew my life would forever revolve around these furry four-legged creatures, and I couldn’t be happier. After weeks of rescue applications, excitement, and preparation, Bear came to us on July 5th of 2014. He arrived in an RV which brought him and many other adopted pets from Arkansas to the North East. It was about 11 pm on a hot summer night when we saw the RV pull into our rest stop, and people quickly gathering around to meet their new furry family members. I patiently (sort of) waited for them to call Ace, now Bear, and introduce me to my new companion.

Bear's original online adoption photo!

Bear's original online adoption photo!

As soon as he was placed in my arms, all felt right in the world. I picked Bear based on a picture in a sea of thousands of dogs, but right then and there I knew he was meant for me. After I washed off my new best four-legged buddy, it was time to head home. We hopped in the car, and I wrapped him tightly in his soft paw printed blanket and placed him on my lap. We were off. 

There is nothing quite like that first ride home with your new best friend. Not all rescue rides are that easy, and I for one know that. I.e. Knox threw up the entire car ride home, forcing us to stop at least a dozen times. Needless to say that two-hour car ride back, turned into four. Did I mention Harper’s? That wiggly girl wouldn’t sit still for a second and she had to play with all the new toys we brought her while in route.

Not all rides are necessarily smooth, but they are all as equally as special. That’s why we are celebrating these moments in partnership with Autotrader in honor of National Dog Day and the launch of

On National Dog Day, August 26th, Autotrader is teaming up with Adopt-a-Pet to help dog lovers find their new best friend through— a fun, innovative site devoted to adoptable dogs and the car needs of dog owners. You'll be able to search for pups looking for a home in your area. Along with finding local, adoptable pets, Autotrader will offer information on the best new and used pet-friendly rides, must-have accessories to keep your canine comfortable, and tips to keep your pup safe on-the-go.

Sounds like a win-win to us. Be sure to check the site and see if your new buddy or new pup mobile is out there! #AutotraderDogDay