Lending a Hand to Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals!

Part of the fun visiting new places is being able to learn more about the local rescues and shelters and find a way to give back and lend a hand. While we were on Nantucket in June, we heard about the shelter that helps homeless, abandoned and relinquished pets, otherwise known as Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals.

NISHA takes in and cares for Nantucket’s stray and surrendered pets, as well as lost dogs brought in by Nantucket’s Animal Control and citizens. They not only help the local pets in need but also those in the South. As proud partners with Little Mountain Rescue, stray dogs from Mississippi are vaccinated, sterilized, and finally arriving on Nantucket, where they are adopted into loving, lifelong homes. Read more about all of NISHA’s initiatives here.  

After learning more about this amazing rescue and those who run it, we decided to ask what they needed most and from there brought in our most favorite companies to get involved!

Up Country Inc. has been our number one collar choice since day one. If you follow us, you know that Up Country collars, leads, and harnesses are the only thing the trio wears and with 120 collar designs and dozens of lifestyle accessories, it is hard not to be fashionable. With that said their products are made in the US and are hand sewn, pressed and finished with care which is why they were our number one choice when finding a company to donate durable harnesses. They are also huge supporters of rescue and graciously donated matching harnesses and leads (even beach themed!) for the NISHA pups.

Bear in his Up Country Harness 

Bear in his Up Country Harness 

Harnesses, check! Now to satisfy the pup’s cravings and spoil them rotten as they wait for their forever home. Insert Nantucket Barkery. While on island we were fortunate enough to meet the lovely Sandy, who started the Barkery with her business partner, Jen. The duo has been making all-natural and delicious treats for many years, and have decided to share them with the world. Even better, some of the treats are Nantucket Island shaped #AckBones. Knox, Bear, and Harper approve!

Finally, the less glamourous donation came from our family where we donated a Holdgates Laundry gift card so the Shelter could get through some of their piles and continue to keep the animals safe and clean during their stay at the shelter.

We want to thank all of our followers who participated in helping us with this much-needed donation and special thanks to Up Country Inc. and Nantucket Barkery for truly spoiling the pups! Most importantly, thank you NISHA for everything you do for these precious animals!